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Why Pawn or sell your items to Once a Pawn a Time?

Because its more reliable and safer than doing it private party! We hear stories all the time of people getting stood up, taken advantage of, and even hurt trying to sell their things to an unknown individual. Plus you get cash faster and can operate on your schedule not someone else. We have a 25 year reputation to uphold and have built our business on customer service and taking care of people. Also, since we are locally owned, we can work deals that the corporate-owned shops won’t. Bring your items to us for a cash loan or to sell for cash today and see the difference.  Now accepting debit and credit card payments for pawn loans!

How Pawning Works


Step 1

Bring any item of value for an appraisal.  Must be 18+ and bring a government issued ID


Step 2

You get the cash in exchange of your item


Step 3

Pay your balance and get your item back


Step 4

We offer flexible renewals and extensions if needed.

If you would like to outright sell your item,
we will do a quick appraisal on it and give you cash on the spot

We Buy / Sell / Trade guns!

Cash Paid for guns! We buy and sell all types of firearms. Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Collectors Items, Accessories, and more!

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Items we take and sell

We buy, sell and pawn all types of

items including

  • Jewelry, Gold, and Silver

  • Electronics

  • Guns and Firearms

  • Crypto Mining Equipment

  • Games and gaming systems

  • Lawn Maintenance Equipment

  • Tools

  • Contractors Equipment

  • Motorcycles and ATVs

  • Collections Items of value

  • Cars and Trucks

  • Flat Screens

Items we DO NOT buy, sell
or trade

  • Any type of car audio

  • Cell phones

  • Clothing and purses

  • Furniture

  • Gift Cards

  • Big Appliances

Baby daddy doing you wrong? We buy gold all day long!

Cash paid for jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver, and more.

What our customers say

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